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More than 30 Souls saved for the Lord through our free tuition ministry

In October 2008, God sent an Indian Brother Kalai Arasan from Chennai, Southern India to join our congregation. On 5 September 2009, we pioneered the free tuition ministry together. Since then, almost once a week, we have been knocking on doors to ask parents to allow their child or children to join our free tuition ministry. We have made it clear to them that we will start with worship songs and Bible stories for 45 minutes and followed by 2 hours of free tuition. We will also supply their children with free drinks and titbits during the break. If they agree, they have to sign a form to authorise their children to enrol into our tuition ministry programme. Up to now, we have led more than 30 souls to the Lord. It is, indeed, a pleasing aroma to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev Tay Hey Tong, Senior Pastor of Grace Christian Centre

Q: "How is it like for you to guide these students in the free tuition ministry?"

It has always been encouraging in being involved in this tuition ministry. As I teach and discipline them, I also grow along with them. It is amazing to see how the Lord is doing His work in these students’ lives as well as inspiring to see how the Lord has moulded and changed them over the last four years. My heart rejoices along with the angels in heaven, every time the children step forward and respond to the altar call. It is a wonderful sight to see these children coming from non-believing background, praising the Lord in Jesus’ name!

As I mingle around with these children, I have learnt what childlike faith is like, one of the main qualities that God is looking for. It is also exciting to know that through this ministry we are shaping and guiding the future generation to seek God and honor Him. I feel honored with this privilege to serve in this ministry, touching the precious young souls and impacting their family, too. To God alone be the glory!

Brother Kalai Arasan, Students' Trainer

Teaching has always been my childhood ambition. Dealing with school children is my daily job scope all these years. Obviously, I feel honoured and joyful in helping the students in the Tuition Ministry. The students' enthusiasms to know more about God and their singing songs of worship have been most comforting and encouraging, too. Saving souls and serving the Lord with the skills and talents God has given me have spurred me on to do more for Him in this ministry.

Mdm Wan, Students' Trainer

Q: "How do you feel as a new believer in Jesus Christ?"

I was led to know that no matter what happens, Jesus will always be with me, supporting me and enriching me with his knowledge, wisdom and other areas. In addition, He will make me feel loved.

Zoey, Secondary 3 student

Believing in Jesus makes me feel that the purpose of living in this world is all above loving and caring for one another. It is encouraging to know that Jesus is always ever ready to forgive us, love us, teach us the correct values and bless us with wisdom and knowledge so that we can pass on to others especially the next generations.

Bee Guan, Secondary 4 student

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